Fitness program custom designed to increase worker productivity and prevent injuries.

because strong companies need a strong workforce

Results your business will see:

Greater employee retention

Decreased costs from health care claims

Increased productivity

Results your employees will see:

Greater job satisfaction

Higher company morale

Less time being sick in bed

This program has been great for me. I feel great and notice my stress level has significantly decreased."

Work Force Strong provides strategic training services and injury prevention programs to commercial and government organizations. Our services are designed and developed to integrate functional movement in organizations to increase employees’ potential and contributions by preventing injuries, reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, increasing engagement, and creating unity among workers.


What is a fit employee and how will that help my company?
  • Motivated employee aligned with your company goals.
  • Happy employee who tend not to incur substantial health claims.
  • Healthy employee who do not require extended time off for sick leave.
  • Energized employee who are more productive and get more work done.
  • Confident employee who will step up to take on those big projects.

It is a true benefit that actually results in a positive outcome."

Our seasoned team of fitness professionals and nutrition experts use proven scientific methods to design a program to match your companies' goals.


Why do employers seeking a healthy solution choose Work Force Strong?
  • We conduct specialized group fitness sessions on-site at your business in the Capital Region, or off-site in one of our spa-like facilities.
  • We provide a registered dietitian to guide participants toward healthy lifestyle choices.
  • We practice the exercise philosophy known as Functional Movement Systems (FMS) for rehabilitation and injury prevention.
  • We track tangible results and progress through ongoing evaluations.

According to the 2016 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, non-fatal workplace injuries have totaled nearly $62 billion.

Contrary to popular belief among most employers, workplace injuries can and do occur in any kind of environment, no matter how safe it appears. Your office workers may be injured on-the-job, file a claim, and before you know it, the health of your bottom line is significantly diminished. Make a positive difference by offering your employees a healthy alternative — Work Force Strong.

This program has been great for me. I can't say enough about it. For someone that has had a bad lower back for years, this has helped strengthen my back, allowing me to wear high heels again."

Whether your an employee looking for ways to get your company more involved, or an employer looking to improve the health of your staff, Work Force Strong can show you how to achieve the results you desire.

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