Travis Gil

Founder & Body Sculptor

Most great professionals aren’t simply born that way, but rather they evolve over time. The best ones have a story to share.

Since 2010, most people know Travis Gil as the founder/owner of Fitness Artist. As a successful entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Travis has put his expertise to good use, expanding his Fitness Artist studios to three locations and making inroads into the world of corporate wellness. As Travis witnessed the burgeoning demand for fitness, he made it his mission to guide people from all walks of life attain the body of their dreams.

Travis’ story began on Long Island, however as a young boy, his family relocated to Clifton Park, N.Y. where he ultimately graduated from Shenendehowa High School. While Travis didn’t gravitate toward scholarly tasks, he clearly had a natural leaning for athletics and always found time for working out. Eventually, Travis progressed to SUNY Plattsburgh and again realized he lacked academic focus, resulting in his being placed on probation.

This harsh reality ended up being the very wake-up call he needed.

Through steadfast determination, Travis managed to get his GPA up significantly. He not only applied himself diligently to his classwork, but concurrently managed to take on a fraternity leadership role and acquire several jobs to afford tuition. All of this paid off when Travis proudly graduated in 2006 with a degree in Communications. Ready to start the next phase of his life, he moved to Troy, N.Y. where he waited tables while pursuing a career in acting.

Since his love for fitness remained constant, Travis quickly joined a gym to continue working out. Although becoming a trainer himself had not been something he’d previously considered, when the head trainer at this gym raised the subject, it sparked an idea. Being a go-getter, Travis capitalized on this motivation and obtained his personal trainer certification.

Over the next few years, as his future began taking shape, Travis worked with clients at local gyms throughout the Capital Region of New York. During this time, he believed he had an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2010 his next step was opening his own one-room studio, calling it The Fitness Artist. Not being a stranger to hard work, Travis soon realized the fruits of his labor. As his clientele grew, more space was needed. This led to his relocation to a larger facility in order to accommodate his business expansion. By May 2012, Fitness Artist moved to the current Clifton Park location and Travis brought on four additional trainers. Just one year later, in May 2013, Fitness Artist opened a second location with four trainers in Saratoga Springs, and then in December 2014, the Loudonville location was opened with space for 6 more trainers.

Due to offering the ultimate private workout experience for his clients, the Fitness Artist experienced immense success. But why stop there! Being a spirited entrepreneur, Travis continued envisioning new ways to grow the business. In 2016, an offshoot of Fitness Artist was born. Travis named this company Work Force Strong, LLC with its focus on corporate wellness and injury prevention, saving companies money by creating healthier, more productive employees.

A vibrant, sought-after fitness coach and mentor, Travis has successfully worked with a broad array of clientele, from Fortune 100 CEOs to stay-at- home mothers. Understanding what’s best for the client, mentally as well as physically, is one of Travis’ many strengths. He uses positivity to ensure clients feel comfortable, motivating and encouraging them to reach their full potential.

The heart of Travis’ story lies in his personal philosophy which is: “I’m always looking for ways to evolve and get better–both personally and professionally–and that’s what I love about fitness. It allows you to improve from within, giving you confidence, energy, and the drive to be better from the inside out.”

Travis is available for individual sessions, coaching, and group training (in-person or via webinars, Skype, video-conferencing, or phone). Contact him at





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