Laurie Boyce

Body Sculptor

Laurie discovered the benefits of body composition, strength, endurance and flexibility at age 30 while working with a personal trainer on her own goals. Suffering a rotator cuff injury in her early twenties was easily overcome with sound, functional training and she recognized how upper body strength in women was attainable. She raced a sailboat on Lake George with her husband for several years as the Spinnaker trimmer, a spot mostly filled by males. Her passion for health and fitness grew as she managed her PCOS condition and she first certified as a Personal Trainer in 2002. While working full time, Laurie helped colleagues and clients to lead healthier and happier lives in her spare time. In the following years, Laurie self-published a local magazine for women and continued on her own journey to lead a healthy and active life. In 2013, Laurie recertified as a Personal Trainer and renewed her passion for helping others. Now at 46, Laurie recognizes even more the importance of a healthy lifestyle in managing PCOS and maintaining muscle mass and bone density as she ages. Laurie now practices a mindful midlife, nourishing her mind and body. She believes an optimistic outlook, healthy eating and a sustainable but challenging approach to fitness will lead to a happy and long life.

Laurie’s credentials include: Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Biomechanics of Low Back Pain Certified (Fitness Learning Systems)


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