Injury Prevention

Written by  Tuesday, 21 August 2018 00:28

Let’s face it, injuries are going to happen. From slips, trips, and falls to repetitive motion injuries, workers get hurt on the job every day. Your workforce put their bodies on the line more and more frequently leaving them susceptible to some serious harm. Not only is this costly for the workers themselves, but also their families and employers usually take the brunt of it. From lost pay and lost revenue to time off and high expenses, this is a lose/lose scenario.

In addition, injuries also affect the rest of the team. Nothing can bring the morale at a job site down more than a teammate who suffers an injury. It can create animosity when other employees have to pick up the slack of an injured co-worker. It can also generate an environment where the rest of the team is in fear of getting hurt doing their job. This can lead to some serious production issues.

The good news is that most of these injuries can be avoided. Utilizing a proactive approach can significantly diminish the chances of them happening. This means that a lot of time and money could be saved for the workers themselves as well as their employers if they take the correct steps to prevent them.

With the right injury prevention program, chances of work related injuries happening are cut down quite a bit. A well balanced program helps educate employees of the steps that need to be taken to prevent future injuries as well as drives overall production up.

In order to keep health care costs down and employee morale up it’s important to invest in an injury prevention program such as Work Force Strong. Work Force Strong will tailor a custom program to the needs of your company. In addition to avoiding injuries, your employees will also receive the residual effects of optimal health. When your employees are healthy they are happy and when they are happy they are more productive! That means a higher profit margin for you in the long run.


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