The Importance of Meal Planning

Written by  Friday, 05 October 2018 00:29

The Importance of Meal Planning

If you haven’t considered planning your meals for the week, then you should really do so. The health benefits vastly outweigh the effort put into the planning. You could even knock it out while you are making your grocery list. But, alas, the hardest part is sticking to the schedule. Because, let’s face it: our body wants what it wants, when it wants it. And although the occasional slice of pie or bowl of ice cream is a great thing (so great!), an unregimented diet can quickly nullify our overall fitness efforts.

We all know the pitfalls of last-minute eating. We are stressed at work, we forgot our meal at home, we have already worked halfway through our lunch break without eating, and the only thing we have time for is the drive thru. This fast-food meal becomes a habit. Soon, we might start “forgetting” our meals more frequently (been there, done that). Or the vending machine starts to become our refuge from boredom. And don’t even get me started on trips to the grocery store on an empty stomach...hello, junk food.You look really tempting today.

The sad reality is that we all fall victim to these behaviors.sometimes. Vacation, sickness, laziness, and everything in-between, can derail our diets and overall nutritional plans. So, in reality, taking the time and having the knowledge to plan meals is only half of the battle; the rest hinges on making sure we stick to the plan to maximize our health and reap the benefits of portion control, healthier choices not dictated by our fluctuating cravings, and an overall balanced caloric consumption. That is what meal planning brings to the table.

Some other benefits include:

1. Less money spent and less overall waste. Because we are portioning out our food, it’s less of a free-for-all. Instead, it is more tailored towards strategically satiating our appetites with a variation of fruits, veggies, proteins, fats, and carbs.

2. It minimizes stress and frees up time in our life. Think of all the time spent in the grocery store or at restaurants (hot dates excluded); meal planning may take some time to get used to at first, but with time, it can become as efficient and easy as writing out a grocery list. The only addition being that you also measure out the proper amounts of micronutrients and macronutrients.

But wait. HOLD on. It sounds like a good practice to implement, but what if you don’t know how to cook or have the desire to learn to plan out your meals? You certainly spend a lot of time in the gym, sweating and building strength; expending all that energy on planning meals might seem a little hardcore to you. And maybe you have just started out on your fitness path and need to solely focus on keeping up with your exercise regiment. That is completely understandable and we have your back. And even more so now as we roll out our new and improved nutrition and meal planning program, Palate 2.0!

With it, we are providing a three-tiered experience to supplement your fitness journey. Utilizing the resources of our three, meticulously-designed Palate Essentials Packages (PEP for short), our goal is to help you reach your goals, one meal at a time, one day at a time. With the services, you can expect detailed meal plans that are personally customized to meet your dietary needs--all of which are organized by a registered dietitian. We want to take any hassle out of the practice and want to help optimize your nutrition results.Reach out to us and inquire about the program!