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Rethinking the Company Gym

Rethinking the Company Gym


Maybe it is time to rethink the company gym. Despite the good intentions of the business owner, CEO, or individual taking the initiative to increase workplace wellness, dropping thousands of dollars on gym equipment for employees is...well...most of the time just a huge waste of money.


Now, don’t get me wrong, a gym anywhere is a good thing. And mostly, we can assume that employers are genuinely concerned for the welfare of their employees; it is also true that a happy worker is indeed a productive worker.


While most employers have great intentions when creating their companies gym, others are just looking to check off a box for legal or positive PR reasons. Yes, opening a gym can provide positive press for a corporate entity--the money spent can then be written off as a measurable donation for workplace wellbeing even though, for the most part, the equipment gathers cobwebs.


This all begs the questions though: why aren't employees using this new “state of the art” gym and why drop the money on something that isn’t guaranteed to work? It seems too big a financial risk to undertake for meagre results. And think about this: when spending the money on expensive gym equipment, what happens when employees aren’t motivated to change, get injured on the job because an on-site fitness expert was never hired? The answer: unproductive workers, expensive legal liabilities, workers’ compensation claims, and missed time.


Injuries are bound to happen when there is no one correcting form or keeping a watchful eye. And without a reliable fitness expert, who will be there to direct workouts or motivate employees to really workout instead of falling asleep at the treadmill? No one.


That’s the tradeoff for most company gyms. Yes, for the few who actually do utilize the equipment, they can experience very positive, morale-boosting results. What if you could get those great results while spending a fraction of the price? What if these results can be replicated with just an open space, a fitness professional, a mat, some resistance bands, and their own body weight? All it takes is for willing employees to show up and apply themselves, and the same sort of benefits can be obtained. These benefits range from better attention and focus during a shift to the collective reduction of absenteeism and sick-leave. We’ve found that the success rate of the program significantly increases when an investment is made in firing a Human Performance Professional and team to spearhead various Injury Prevention techniques, workouts, provide some excitement, and motivate those who have already spent a lot of energy working their jobs. With this dynamic you skip the expensive gym equipment and get a personalized, highly-varied solution.


To review, the people need to come first; and often, corporate and company gyms don’t offer the one-on-one experience that many people need to stay properly engaged. So, instead of wasting money on expensive equipment, consider contacting us about our program, Work Force Strong.


We can guarantee that your money will be spent wisely and effectively at a fraction of the cost it would take to invest in expensive equipment. Trust us, it will resonate much more to your employees if you extend financial resources to their personal wellbeing. And this in turn will save you more money. For injury prevention, higher productivity, reduced healthcare costs and workers’ compensation claims, get in touch with a Work Force Strong team member today!



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Wednesday, 21 December 2016 17:31

Introducing Work Force Strong

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Unfortunately, a lot of exercise programs are just that – giving a “broad strokes” approach without taking the individual’s specific needs into account. This is a trend I also noticed in workplace wellness programs. It’s not enough to just get people away from their desks and moving. The trainer and client should have specific goals in mind. Does the client want to increase productivity? Reduce workplace injuries? Cut down on sick time? All of the above?

The corporate world needs a more in-depth and personalized approach. Enter Work Force Strong.

Work Force Strong (WFS) is a corporate wellness program designed to increase employee productivity, prevent workplace injuries, and introduce healthy alternatives to companies and government agencies. The program is individually tailored to give your company a competitive edge, while also giving employees the opportunity to meet fitness and mobility goals.

We place great emphasis on injury prevention as we feel other wellness programs downplay this aspect or leave it out altogether. Meanwhile, New York has emerged as one of the states with the highest average total workers’ compensation claim costs. The more employers I work with, the more I learn that most of them believe workplace injuries only occur in dangerous environments.

The truth is injuries can happen anywhere. That’s why a proactive approach is so important. The health and well-being of a company depends heavily on the health and well-being of its employees. WFS sets out to identify threats before they occur and offer the corrective measures.

Prior to initial training sessions, our team will first evaluate each participant through a Functional Movement Screen. This will help us identify functional limitations and asymmetries that may lead to injury or chronic pain in the long term. Once this is determined for each participant, our trainers will provide a personalized exercise program aimed to restore mechanically sound movement patterns. All of this is delivered in one-hour training sessions either on-site or at a Fitness Artist location. Goals will be reassessed at the mid-point of the program. We will also bring in a registered dietitian for nutritional coaching. She will present information and tips on basic nutrition, healthy food options, and create custom meal plans (upon request).

We’re focused on changing your employees’ lives for the better. We know you want to see benefits. The success of a company depends greatly on the health and well-being of its people. That’s exactly why we’re dedicated to customizing what we offer based on your employees’ particular needs.

For more information on Work Force Strong and how it can benefit your workforce, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us through this website. 

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