Never Stop Learning!

Written by  Wednesday, 12 June 2019 15:29

3 Reasons to Become a Lifelong Learner


At Fitness Artist we are strong advocates for lifelong learning! Our clients also teach us something new every day, so that’s a definite blessing.


The life of a fitness professional includes a lot of research and knowledge-based approaches centered on improving the life of our clients. Not to mention that running a business presents its own daily set of challenges as well.


Although the life of a fitness professional and entrepreneur is busy, it is also such a rewarding career path. A lot of this has to do with the daily learning. Here are 3 reasons why lifelong learning is such an important practice.

(#1) Health Benefits of Lifelong Learning


Sadly, thinking hard doesn’t really burn calories. This means that although the brain does consume about 20% of our daily energy (as stated in this Brain Facts article), we won’t really burn a significant amount of calories just by upping our mental activity levels. Calorie-burning limitations aside, the list of health benefits attributed to lifelong learning is incredibly long! Here are just a few examples:


  • It has been suggested (but not yet proven) that those who are lifelong learners tend to do better at staving off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in the long run.
  • Something as simple as reading can boost creativity, vocabulary, reduce stress, and increase connectivity in the brain. As some of the best business leaders, statesmen, and creative thinkers can attest, reading is a very powerful activity. This article is a great summarization of the power of reading.
  • Learning a musical instrument, or a new skill has been shown to increase connections in the brain. This leads to more agile minds for all of us.
  • Being a lifelong learner will also make you happier. There has been positive correlations between increased learning and wellbeing. And it makes sense! Think about how much more self-worth and confidence you feel after learning a new skill.
  • And don’t forget that exercising and learning new ways to move the body is extremely beneficial for the brain. Consider hiring a personal trainer to teach you form, programming, and nutrition to take you to that next level.

(#2) Benefits For Your Career!


The Economist says that lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative. This means that as the sophistication of technology increases, so too will the hours spent on learning how to properly use it.


And really, there’s no better way to guarantee job security than by becoming a more skilled individual. Many professionals have found success by proactively getting certificates, training, or qualifications while in a specific position. And because wearing many hats in the workplace is now the norm for most professionals, lifelong learning is becoming all the more relevant.


There are so many resources out there to keep you interested and learning. And if you are struggling to motivate yourself, ask for help from a friend, teacher, personal trainer or mentor!

(#3) Benefits to Those Around You


This may not be the most obvious answer, but if you think about the orbit of people you interact with, you can definitely make a positive impact if you are a lifelong learner.Not only that, you can become an inspiration for others.


Most say that the best way to fully learn a subject is to teach it to others. In this way, you are helping yourself understand a skill on a deeper level, as well as enriching someone’s understanding. Really, being a lifelong learner can help friends to never grow stagnant in their own lives.


Lead by example and show others the power of lifelong learning!