Don’t Bank on New Year’s Resolutions

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It seems suspicious that New Year's resolutions never really pan out. We make well-laid plans to become new and improved people, but often our motivation bottoms out by the middle of February. What goes wrong? Why do our best intentions often fall short when implemented? There could be many different answers to these questions, but for the most part, the biggest two are these:


(1) We try to do everything ourselves, without help, and without a viable strategy for achieving our goals.


(2) We base our decisions on a New Year’s resolution instead of a strongly-held conviction or desire.


Be it quitting cigarettes, cutting out soda, or joining a gym and achieving your dream body, waiting until New Years to start acting on a fitness plan is a recipe for failure. Because so often we only try due to social pressures and an obligation to adhere to the typical resolution experience, we aren’t really wanting to change our lives. Instead, we are just going through the motions.


In response, one should get a jump on the process by joining the gym a month or two before New Years to beat the rush, as well as hire a personal trainer to make a strategic program for achieving your fitness goals.

 Starting Early, Getting Help, and Playing the Long Game


Don’t go through the usual routine of loading up on calorie-dense foods during the holiday JUST because you are extremely sure you are going to stick to your fitness goals once the New Year hits. It is best not to take that chance!


It is much too easy to grow complacent and lose all motivation; having a personal trainer can help you get an early jumpstart on achieving your fitness goals before the New Years crowd. But first, it is important to motivate yourself enough to take the initiative.


Plain and simple, the holidays are the perfect time to get a jumpstart on your new diet and fitness program. It is a true test to pit yourself against tempting treats during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just think of how motivated you will be if you successfully stopped yourself from eating like you normally would around the holidays. And even if you fail, you still tried; that puts you at a much more positive position than going into the New Year’s cold instead of warmed-up.


Therein lies a huge part of successfully strategizing to achieve your health goals. 9 times out of 10, the motivation has to come from within yourself. And if you can successfully start your journey, without putting it off for another day, you will be that much more motivated to continue. Much more so than if you had waited until the New Years out of obligation, only to probably fall off the wagon just like the majority of gym-goers. And much more motivated to hire a personal trainer who will help you along the way.


By playing the long game, by setting ourselves up for success over hoping for the best when the New Year comes around, one can be considerably successful over the opposite position.

In Review


- Start small by getting yourself acclimated to changing your lifestyle. Don’t go “all-in” right away because you will run the risk of burning yourself out.


- Motivate yourself. Don’t let others influence your decisions completely. A desire for change has to come from deep inside you.


- Start early, get a jump on the Resolutioners by joining a gym and getting a personal trainer.


- Lastly, ditch the resolutions for good. You don’t need them anyways!





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