5 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

Written by  Monday, 26 November 2018 13:14
5 ways to achieve your goals 5 ways to achieve your goals

5 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

  1. Establish a clear-cut goal. This is the “what” of your aspirations. This seems very obvious, but it is a very common thing to overlook. Often, we harbor shallow ambitions about success. Instead of sitting down and thinking “what does success look like to me, personally?” we say vague things like, “I want to be successful and achieve my dreams.” That’s great, there probably isn’t a single person alive that doesn’t want to be successful, but what does that mean to you personally? What are your dreams and goals? Does successful mean you want to be able to finish a marathon or just look great at the beach? Really sit down and figure out what it is exactly you want to accomplish and stay consistent. If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get “there”.


  1. Establish the “why”. After you have established the “what” of your aspirations, you then need to dig deeper and search for the reasons why you are working towards your goal. To keep yourself on the right track, the reasons why you are trying to achieve your goals is an important anchor for your overall success. When times get tough (as they inevitably will), having a failsafe in place for your overall aspirations is a smart thing to do. Just think about it and ask yourself, “who am I doing this for?” It could be for yourself, your family, or spouse. Or even all three. As long as you can quickly remind yourself during adversity that your goals are bigger than comfort and rest. In summary, to achieve your goals, you need to rely on the “why” you are doing it in the first place.


  1. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Don your suit of armor and invite the events and activities that make you uncomfortable. If you need to get a workout in, but you know you are going to be busy until well after the gym has closed, get up bright and early and get your workout in. It might seem impossible at first, and your brain and body will fight you every step of the way, but eventually it will become routine. If your decisions are dictated by your desire to be comfortable, you will never do extraordinary things. Start small and work your way up. Learn to Invite discomfort into your lives!


  1. Invest in yourself. You wouldn’t expect to be great at golf without first taking lessons or investing the time in your swing. You also can’t expect to become fit, achieve perfect form, and motivate yourself from square one without a fitness professional to coach you through the process. Again, invest in yourself. You can save a lot of headache, time, and hardship by seeking out help and expert instruction. If your Planet Fitness membership is draining your bank account, and you have nothing to show for it, get off that hamster wheel and consider reinvesting the money in yourself.


  1. Lastly, be positive. There is nothing more important than learning how to cultivate positivity in the face of adversity. Just because we are working extremely hard to stay fit and become successful, doesn’t mean that we have to adopt a stoic, long-suffering personality. We don’t have to harden up and toughen up to the point where we become negative and cynical; instead, looking towards positivity should be the long-term goal to supplement our ambitions. We should also hang around positive people. The company we keep really does either bring us down or uplift us. It is our choice to hang around with people who will help us achieve a baseline positivity from which we can learn to build from. Also, audiobooks and self-help books are a great way to frame our thoughts and mindsets in a positive way.

Two Additional Quick Tips for Achieving Success:


Give yourself at least 90 days to start seeing results in your training. The process is really gradual, so you won’t notice improvements right away; but when you do, it compounds and snowballs and you won’t want to stop.


And stop comparing yourself to others. Worry about you, be positive, and remember that most people are worrying about themselves in fitness classes. They aren’t judging you or sizing you up; relax and focus on yourself and you will love where that effort takes you.



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