Life Hack: Eat What You Want Over The Holidays Without Stress

Written by  Thursday, 22 November 2018 14:46

Life Hack: Eat What You Want Over The Holidays Without Stress


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Uh oh, the holidays are here!  Are you stressing about the Holidays and overeating

Stats show that unhealthy holiday eating usually extends from October up until the New Year. But don’t fret! Other stats have shown that a lot of concern about holiday weight gain is often overstated due to self-reporting and confusion over bloating and glycogen storage, among many other reasons.

But with that being said, there are many people who can gain excess weight and have a hard time shaking it off for many months. The good news is that with enough mindfulness, holiday delicacies can be enjoyed, and weight and wellness can also be maintained. There is no need for fasting or draconian dieting methods!  


Enjoy the yams, stuffing, turkey, and pie for Thanksgiving. And for Christmas, have your cookies and ham! To do this guilt-free, and to achieve a balance between mindfulness and indulgence, there are two key components to focus on:


1.     Exercise --before or after your meal--to justify your increased caloric consumption.


2.     Practice mindful eating in order to find balance and fully enjoy your meals.


(1) Work Hard, Play Hard


It is not necessary to stress out during the holidays. You have enough to worry about as it is: with hosting a large family, travels, or even just the stress of cooking for that unruly stampede of relatives set to be unleashed on your house. Let’s keep it simple then!


To earn your right to indulge, and to not stress about consuming too many calories, simply exercise enough to counteract the extra foods you wouldn’t have normally consumed. Again, it’s simple. Don’t micromanage the calories and don’t stress yourself out during the holiday times; just make the time to exercise before Turkey Day and Christmas.


Once you have done this and have earned it through the effort you put forth during your workout, then you will truly feel content about eating a bit more than usual.


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(2) Mindful Eating


Have you ever eaten a meal so quickly that you didn’t really savor the tastes of each food? Do you eat your lunch at your desk while continuing to check tasks off of your “To Do” list? During past holiday seasons, maybe you have been very restrictive about the food you eat, which just leads to a feeling of deprivation and stronger cravings. Practicing mindful eating is something that could be very helpful, especially during the holiday season when food seems to be at the center of every gathering.

Mindfulness means to be present, in any given moment, in order to observe one’s physical, mental and emotional experiences. Not only is it important to eat in order to fuel your body, but food is also supposed to be pleasurable. Slow down the process of eating: taste each bite, spend a longer time chewing and notice the texture of your food, notice how this food feels in your body, and how it affects your mood. Rather than depriving yourself of a food you love, take a smaller portion and really enjoy the experience of eating it. And once the holidays are over, get right back on track!

Make sure to exercise and be mindful! We at Fitness Artist wish you the best!

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