You Should Get a Personal Trainer...Just Saying

Written by  Saturday, 17 November 2018 14:37

You Should Get a Personal Trainer...Just Saying



You should definitely consider getting a personal trainer!


Think about it: New Year's resolutions are just on the horizon--not to mention we have Thanksgiving turkey and pie to contend with--so why not be as proactive as possible this year? Instead of last-minute personal trainer searching, get in the swing of things a couple months before every “resolutioner” and their grandma start piling into the gym.  


And if you have already done the kind service of adopting a stray personal trainer, perhaps one who was wandering around aimlessly, with loose coins jingling around in an empty protein shaker, we applaud you. You probably already know the many benefits of having a personal trainer and are reaping the rewards every session. But for those who want convincing, here are the 6 biggest reasons you should hire one!


1.    Form Check! For our own safety, we need to perform movements in the most biomechanically advantageous ways. This prevents injuries and means we get the most efficient workout. It also limits muscle imbalances. For example, let’s say you favor one side during squats. You don’t even realize it, but you are going to be asymmetrical in build and strength if never corrected. Plus, you run the risk of injury and of inefficiency i.e. every rep will be harder than it needs to be. A personal trainer is your guide for safe, symmetrical, and proper lifting. They provide an invaluable service in this department.


2.    Motivation! Yes, even on days when you don’t want to lift, your trainer will push you to perform. And although it probably only sounds good on paper, having a strong support system in place with another individual is what it’s all about. Not to mention, you will be stronger with someone by your side, cheering you on and pushing you to perform your heart out. Never underestimate the power of motivation!


3.    A Friendship! Count on it. Personal trainers are friendly and will become invested in your journey. And the relationship you share with your personal trainer will only grow stronger. Personal trainers also provide the type of friendship you might need whenever you aren’t pushing yourself as hard as you could be in the gym. You’d be surprised at how deep a friendship you can form with the right trainer.


4.   Accountability/Focus! Think about this one: you are investing in your own personal development. You care about your own wellbeing enough to drop the cash on hiring someone to help you along your fitness path. There is a considerable amount of accountability in this type of personal trainer/client dynamic. If you keep missing classes, you will feel the sting of wasted money, in addition to the disappointment of your trainer. Hiring a personal trainer also brings focus that you wouldn’t normally have working out by yourself. Distractions happen and your workout programs can get a little hit-or-miss when you are left to your own devices. A trainer will bring a consistent workout full of efficiency and focus.


5.    An Exclusive Experience! The great things about getting a personal trainer is that you can choose to get private sessions. Instead of having to deal with a crowded gym full of ooglers and machine-hoggers, you can get a more one-on-one experience with a personal trainer. And that sounds like a great option to have!


6.   Results! Let’s face it! All this sounds great, but if you don’t see results, why train? It’s important to have a coach who can help you craft together a plan that gets you the results that you're seeking. Hiring a personal trainer who plans workouts centered around efficiency and your goals is a must. After all, you desire to get to the new you as fast and safe as possible, right?