Wellness Program

Written by  Saturday, 18 August 2018 00:27

If you aren’t a part of a wellness program, you should really consider joining one. Thanks to decades of research, employers are flocking to add a wellness program to their benefits. Wellness programs are the most researched benefits offered by business. These programs offer employees social support, tools, incentives, strategies, and so much more. All of which aid in disease prevention, weight loss, and your overall health. Check out the list I’ve compiled below of the top five benefits that Wellness Programs offer.

  1. Wellness programs Improve Employee Health Behaviors

    Behavior change is at the heart of all good wellness plans. They help people pick up and keep healthy behaviors. This makes it the best benefit of having a wellness program.

    Healthy behaviors lead to lower health risks which in turn leads to less chronic disease. When employees have less chronic diseases they have fewer health care costs.

    Numerous studies have researched that wellness programs are able to improve health behaviors. The well-organized models that followed effective behavior change have the best results.

    It’s important to maintain healthy behaviors for years. If you don’t, you won’t be getting the benefits that come with it. This means if you want your employees to have healthy behaviors for years you would benefit from getting them in a good wellness program.

  2. Wellness Programs Reduce Health Care Costs

    There are hundreds of studies that looked at the financial impact wellness programs have. They are tedious studies that take years to complete. What they found was it depends on how effective the program really is.

    In effective wellness programs the health care cost savings will be more than the cost of the program. Most studies show a return investment that is positive.

  3. Wellness Programs Improve Productivity

    There are many reasons why people have low productivity at work. It could be that they are distracted, tired, or bored. The main problem for it though is poor health.

    In the studies done, the employees with unhealthy diets were 66% more likely to perform poorly at work. Those who smoked were 28% more likely to have low productivity than non-smokers.

    When you have a program that focuses on helping employees have healthy behaviors, it will eventually impact their productivity.

  4. Wellness Programs Can Help Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention

    In today’s world there is high competition between companies to get the best of the best to join their team. More often than not, employees are going to go with the job that has the best benefits.

    When you include a wellness plan it really shows your employees that you care about the people working for you. It also makes your employees happier overall!

  5. Wellness Programs Build Employee Morale

    Wellness Programs help employees engage with each other and feel appreciated. After adding a wellness program to employee benefit packages, people find they like the way it changed the work culture.

    When your employees are healthy and happy it makes for a better environment all around the board.

Giving employees the option for a wellness program lets them know they are cared for and respected. It makes people happy to be healthy and feel like they have some control in their lives.

Wellness Programs are great for everyone involved. Employees are happy, productivity is up, and health costs are down. Don’t wait to get your company involved in creating a better future.