7 Benefits of Working Out with A Professional Trainer

Written by  Sunday, 24 June 2018 00:23

Many of you can relate to the following:

You get out of the shower, stare into the mirror and think “how did I get this way? How can I let myself go like this?”

Maybe you’re having a hard time keeping up with the young bucks at your weekend basketball game, not because you can't play (after all you had skills like LeBron James when you were in high school), but because you get so tired that you hardly ever make it through the first five minutes of the game.

Or possibly you just want to lose enough weight, so you can be in the right shape to wear that lovely dress you’ve always wanted to buy.

Ok, enough is enough! After the 1000th time of mulling over the idea of getting back into shape, you’ve finally decided to make a change.

So fine, you grab your gym bag and head out because you need to put your plans of getting fit to action. But then, you’re rammed by some conflicting thoughts:

Do you repeat the same habit of trying it out on your own and signing up for that monthly gym membership only to be left in a crowded sea without a paddle? Or do you go against the grain, invest in yourself, and hire a professional?

I think you know where I’m getting to with this. In the world of fitness, confusion easily sets in without guidance.

Well, no need to worry because I’d be showing you in this post why you should hire a Personal trainer to help with your fitness goals, after all, you want to look and feel your best as soon as possible.


1. You Learn A Lot from Your Professional Trainer

Personal Trainers are teachers, well, in the world of fitness.

One of the reasons you should get a Personal Trainer is that they are trained in educating you on how to exercise. Although exercise in itself a part of your fitness plan (you also need to eat right and make some healthy lifestyle choices), doing it wrong will only give you little or no results.

Furthermore, when you don't know the right exercises to perform to reach a certain goal, the chances of you achieving such goals are highly astronomical. Say, your fitness goal is to gain muscle, but you spend hours throwing medicine balls, then your goal will likely be unachievable.

Also, instructions from your personal trainer reduce the chances of you getting hurt during your workout. People get hurt while exercising without proper guidance and this can have a negative impact on your fitness and health levels.


2. You Get the Best Advice on the Best Type of Exercise

Remember the old saying that goes "What is good for the goose is good for the gander?"

Well, it doesn't work like that in the physically demanding world of fitness and workouts.


What am I trying to say?

Different people, different abilities, different requirements.

Maybe, you had a shoulder injury that is just healing from surgery, the kind of exercises you need would be different from those of say a body builder or an aspiring marathon runner. Personal trainers help you choose exercises that meet your special requirements and abilities during your fitness program. Working out with a Personal Trainer is also a great idea if you’re pregnant and you want a workout that will make you fit and healthy, while at the same time being safe and effective.


3. They Help with Perfect Form

Correct posture and technique during a workout is very important, especially if you want to get the best results. A Personal Trainer will demonstrate the correct technique and will also help you achieve the needed form so that you can get the best from your exercise. When you perform exercises incorrectly, injuries occur making it hard for you to reach your desired goals (a sprained wrist or hurt back can make the idea of keeping fit a bad one, all of a sudden).


4. They Help You Set Goals That Are Practical

We all want quick results, who doesn't?

Some would love to have washboard abs within two weeks, others would like to have muscles that The Hulk would be envious of within a month and for others, a figure (that would make Jennifer Lopez look like a grandma) within seven days. To be honest, such goals are not normally achievable (maybe only if you have a time machine hidden somewhere) and when you don't meet them, chances are that you may lose interest and stop your training program.

Professional Trainers do not only help you set goals that are practical, but they also help you to stay on course by giving you proper advice on the type of exercises to engage in, and the setting of a realistic timeframe during which you can meet your goals.


5. They Help You Stick to Your Goal

Finding it hard to adhere to your training program? Feel like just skipping a day? Your professional Fitness Trainer can hold you accountable and make you overcome any excuses that you might have on your journey to getting fit. Bailing out isn’t so easy when you’re accountable to someone. You don't want to seem unserious now, do you?


6. They Take You to the Next Level

Getting tired of your current training? Do you feel like advancing to the next level? Then, you are not alone. We all get bored when we keep doing the same things, over and over again. A Personal Trainer helps you by bringing new challenges that test your body and mind as well as brings out the best in you.


7. They Make Your Workouts Fun

Exercises could be demanding and challenging. We all know how push-ups make us feel tired and achy and cardio makes us question our quest for fitness. We even look at squats with a sense of dread.


A good Personal Trainer can make your workout sessions, fun and beneficial. Training with a buddy (in this case your trainer) makes exercise a fun activity and working with a trainer who is fun to be with motivates you to want to train regularly.


Wrapping Up

Wanting to keep fit is a good idea. Planning to increase your fitness levels ahead of your next race or game is commendable, but with a Personal Trainer, you can meet your goals and get a body that would make anyone green with envy (well anyone except the Hulk).

Are you looking to take advantage of all these towards meeting your fitness goals? Get a Professional Trainer today!

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